Opening Analysis

If you have a chess opening with thousands of (complex) positions you can use Chess Position Trainer to analyze the opening with an UCI engine to find blunders or critical candidate moves for the opponent, which are not yet covered.

The analysis can be controlled by several parameters making it even more powerful.

Chess Opening Analysis

Let the engine analyze your complete opening while you do something else.

Chess Opening Analysis

After the analysis has been finished you can easily check all positions, which were marked critical by the engine. A comment has been added automatically. If you agree with the analysis you can add the suggested move.

Chess Opening Analysis

Find out more about this very powerful function in the tutorial Auto-analyze your openings with an UCI engine.

Opening Statistics

Valuable Insights into your Repertoire

You have 4 statistics at your disposal to gain valuable insights of your repertoire. Whether you want to see when the next positions are scheduled for recalls, how complex your openings are or how good you know them, there is a dedicated statistic available



UCI Engines

UCI Engine Support

Chess Position Trainer comes with the free and very strong UCI chess engine Stockfish. You can configure the hash size and value of multi PV (number of variations to calculate simultaneously). If you enable engine analysis the current analysis is shown in a separate window. Use this feature to spot weaknesses in your repertoire or expand your openings.

UCI Engine

Chess Teachers

Create Chess Training Material for your Pupils

With Chess Position Trainer you can create training material with ease. It allows you to train your pupils in openings. Thanks to the candidate move concept you can precisely define which variation your pupils should play. After creating of a repertoire it’s a piece of cake to distribute the repertoire to your pupils as you only have to send one file.



Take Advantage of the unique Training Functions

Your pupils train your repertoire with the training module. This way they learn your training material faster than ever before. Almost endless parameters let you find the perfect settings for your pupils. The training ensures that your preferred moves will be played. At the same time your pupil will be automatically focused on his weaknesses thanks to the flash-card concept. The use of sounds and visual effects result in a higher learning motivation for your pupils. Dry exercises have been substituted by an interesting and diversified training. Especially the percentage number which reflects the current repertoire knowledge will become highly motivating.


At any time you have an Overview about the Progress your Pupils make

Thanks to the information about the repertoire knowledge of a pupil you can exactly follow the progress he or she is making. This fully integrated function shows as a percentage number how well your pupil knows each opening already. Compare the values between two sessions!


Position Explorer

Alternative Navigation through your Repertoire

PositionTreeAlready since the first version in June 2004 Chess Position Trainer offers a unique position tree view of your repertoire in a separate window which has been much improved with version 4. You can expand or close any node. If you click on a node the corresponding position is shown on the board.

PositionTree-mouseIf you move your mouse over a specific move notation and wait for a second a preview with a chessboard shows the corresponding position. This way you can remain at the current position on the main chessboard, which makes it very easy to quickly browse through your opening in an alternative way.


  • I have been recommending Chess Position Trainer to students for several years now as part of a multi-pronged approach to learning openings. [...]"
    GM Nigel Davies (
  • "I'm recommending it to all my students. It's the best program for openings."
    FM Eric Peterson
  • "If you have the opportunity check the program out, it is hard to find someone who is not an ardent supporter of CPT specially, if you're an opening geek like me."
    FM Charles Galofre
  • "...this is almost exactly what I had wanted to see in a chess program for a long time! It is a thing of the future, for sure."
    IM Jovan Petronic - Advisor / Computer & Internet Chess, FIDE Senior Trainer



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