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TOPIC: The less than free version as a one-off experience

The less than free version as a one-off experience 3 years 3 weeks ago #187

I purchased the unlimited edition a few hours ago. The upgrade ran for a lengthy session with the heading of a full pro version and featured improvements on the free limited edition, which has merits as such.

Upon turning the program off I did indeed feel like revisiting it. Not the most endearing experience followed: The program had reverted to the limited edition with encouragement to purchase again...

Subsequently I located the crucial e-mail with the code (which was initially copied off the response to my payment). Unfortunately the program itself did not allow entering a pasted code. By then and subsequently actually nothing could be entered in the relevant, greyed out area that should accommodate the code (that part worked OK the first time around - although for just that session, as stated above. Clicking on "Enter License" evoked no response either.

Apparently this is a technical malfunction which should lend itself to correction?
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The less than free version as a one-off experience 3 years 3 weeks ago #197

Hi Knightfall,

If the program reverts back to the free version after each launch please manually delete the "cpt_license.lic" file in your "documents\chess position trainer" folder and then run CPT again. You might need to enter your license one more time. Alternatively you can edit the file and update the string with your license code. You can edit the file with any text editor like Notepad.

Please let me know if this works.


P.S.: Please be aware that this forum is not frequently monitored by me. It is rather a forum for users to discuss CPT topics. If you need technical support, please create a ticket in the support section.
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The less than free version as a one-off experience 3 years 2 weeks ago #198

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately the "documents\chesspositiontrainer" folder did not contain a cpt_license.lic file. I also failed to manually find such a file elsewhere, as did the system (OK, I run Windows Shit.1 - euphemistically referred to as Windows 8.1 by Microsoft, so that system bit proves nothing). For purposes of orientation the folder, however, contains EXAMLEDATABASE.CPT, EXAMPLEDATABASE_BACKUP.CPT, MYREPERTOIRE.CPT and, obviously representing my efforts within the actual program, REPERTOIRE2015.CPT. Additionally there is an empty subfolder.

So there seems to be nothing to delete but nevertheless the box for entering the license code remains totally unresponsive to input attempts.

Would it help if I deleted all of CPT and reinstalled it? (Currently I have just one computer.) Losing the database(s) created with the not insignificant time of having created them would hurt but perhaps all of that could just be backed up. Whether reinstalling would be digitally interpreted as a renewed attempt at a free trial is beyond me. But so are most things computerish above end user level. So I will await your response, fully appreciating that you do not have time to attend to this forum continuously.


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The less than free version as a one-off experience 3 years 2 weeks ago #200

Hi Knightfall,

it's strange that the cpt_license.lic file does not exist as it should be always created even for the trial / free phase. The program should be able to write to that folder regardless of admin rights. Do "CPT_Layout*" files exist in the folder?

I assume you are not running Windows 8.1 with a Mac under Virtual Box or Parallels?

Before you try re-installing the software I would like to find out why you can't enter your license code again. Please run CPT with admin rights by righ-clicking on "Chess Position Trainer.exe" and choosing "Run as administrator". Then deactivate the current license and re-enter it (by doing copy & paste of the license code from your email). I've attached a screenshot. If you can't follow these steps please provide a screenshot of your dialog box. Close CPT and start it again. Does it keep your pro license now? Can you find the license file now?

If not please try re-installing the software. If you've created your own database as you say it should be not deleted during deinstallation. I recommend to make a copy in another folder temporarily though (you only have to copy the single file repertoire2015.cpt). Then just re-install the software and immediately enter the license code when you start the program. Does it work now?

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