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TOPIC: The repertoire concept

The repertoire concept 3 years 7 months ago #18

CPT saves your complete content in one database, which is just one file. The big difference to game databases is that the program does not organize your content with games. Instead you can organize your repertoire in a much more natural way by creating folders, openings and variations. Everything is shown well organized in the repertoire explorer. While folders are used to organize your material an opening is actually the repertoire element, which contains moves and positions. You can have one opening for each relevant opening of your repertoire. For instance, if you play with Black the Sicilian against 1.e4 you could have one folder for the Sicilian and then one opening for each Anti-Sicilian like Alapin, Morra-Gambit etc. and one opening for your main Sicilian like Dragon.

Just see how easy it is to understand how your repertoire is organized! No longer have you to go through a list of games where the player names have been misused to indicate the relevant opening system or sub-variation. You can easily show an opening by clicking on it and each opening is shown with its own tab in the center. Again, it is easy and intuitive to switch between these openings.

You can fill your openings either through importing a PGN file or by moving the pieces on the chessboard.

By the way there is no chessboard shown unless you have selected an opening in the Repertoire Explorer.
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