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TOPIC: A New Kind Of Opening Trainer?

A New Kind Of Opening Trainer? 2 weeks 2 days ago #862

Hi all,

I wanted to mention if it was possible to implement a different kind of opening training to chess position trainer. This feature would include testing you generally on the names of the openings and you have to play the moves back to the program. For example, the opening trainer would say "play the Ruy Lopez schliemann defense using both sides" and you would have to play this using the trainer.

The problem I could see with this idea is how many moves ahead do you tell the program to test you on that would be considered correct or incorrect. For instance, the schliemann defense has many variations after move 3 and this would be a problem telling CPT the right variation that you are supposed to play for both sides. If you have an opening database that has several different variations and CPT tests you through that you would have multiple candidate moves that would be considered correct after move 3 for example. You could always create your own opening database and then modify it to limit the amount of correct candidate moves to allow CPT to test you on the opening names that way.

Another possibility is to allow CPT to pick out various positions in the opening database and show you the position on the board (filter mode) and you would have to type in the name of the opening to get that correct.

There is already a site called memchess that tests you on openings generally but it doesn't focus on allowing you to pick out your own opening database and being tested on the names of the opening that way.

Would be helpful if you guys let me know what you think about this idea.
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