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TOPIC: Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview

Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview 2 years 6 months ago #223

It has been a while ago since I’ve published the last blog entry. I know that some people worry about the future of CPT. Some people are upset that there has been no update for more than a year. Others are sad about this fact. And some people are both. In the past I’ve established an open communication policy regarding CPT. The current situation is new to me and I’ve failed to manage it in the proper way.

Let me start by saying that there are very few things I would love to do more than working on CPT. This is even more true than ever before. So, what is the problem? CPT is completely developed by just myself in my leisure time. As some already know, for personal reasons (first baby boy) I’m struggling to find the time or energy (at the end of an intensive day) to work on it continuously. I thought it would be not so extreme the first year and at some point improve, but I have to admit there are only short periods I can really work on CPT and given the complexity of the software it always takes some time to get into it again. User support was not affected by these challenges and continuously provided.

I don’t want to make any new promises as I’ve learned that I’m even more remote controlled than ever before.

Therefore I’ve just summarized most items, which are already ready for next release and then what is left before I will officially release a new version. The current status will be released as beta soon (in 2 weeks). Furthermore I’ve listed some more features I plan for another minor update and then a very brief outlook for some bigger features.

Done items:
  • New import wizard for importing repertoire elements from a CPT 5 database.
  • Importing of complete structures (folders, openings and variations) is possible now.
  • Issues with importing topics fixed.
  • No limit for the number of tabias per topic.
  • Removed the repertoire element sub-variation (see next item).
  • Variations can be added to variations without any limits regarding variation depth (in other words you can add a variation as a child to a variation as a child to a variation as ….) giving you even more freedom to organize your repertoire.
  • Adding a position as new topic allows you to change the name immediately.
  • Repertoire elements can be re-ordered by drag & drop even if they are child items of the same parent.
  • Engine analysis: time for analyzing of openings (“Max. time to analyse a position") can be incremented without limit allowing to do deeper analysis per position.
  • Engine: Kommodo 7/8 did not run. Fixed.
  • Engine options: wrong time measurement displayed for “Max. time (ms)”. It is seconds and not milliseconds.
  • Opening analysis: engine analysis stopped when detecting a mate position and thereby stopping the whole opening analysis. Fixed.
  • Default font size and font can be defined for position comments. No longer do you have to change the font every time you want to edit a new position comment. This also means you can easily change the values and thereby change the font (size) of all position comments as long as you’ve formatted them with the default font. Just changing the default font will be sufficient.
  • Last tabia index is restored when you switch between topics or openings in the Repertoire Explorer.
  • Repertoire module: not active tabs can be closed and the program will remain at the current tab without losing focus.
  • Knowledge statistic used the opposite order.
  • New openings / topics should always have a score of 0%.
  • After loading the module “Running games against repertoire” and closing it, it is not possible to load the module again unless the selected opening is changed.
  • Training: Recall statistic was not updated for “Recall all”.
  • Layout of Repertoire Explorer was not restored.
  • Scrollbars for all windows are hidden unless required providing more space for content.
  • Performance improvement for variations when they are shown (e.g. you click on it in the Repertoire Explorer). Now they are instantly shown.
  • Performance for topics has been greatly improved.
  • Performance of switching between opening and training module improved.
  • Some memory leak issues fixed.
  • License issues fixed where the new license code was not accepted or remembered.
  • Many other minor things or improvements in the background.

Open items before official release
  • Training: Restoring the hint window should also remember the size of the window, which should be also customizable.
  • Training: Resetting training scores did not refresh the training score of the corresponding repertoire elements, if a complete opening or all were reset.
  • Training openings: if “random” was selected the program would sometimes say that there are no more positions to train although there are.
  • Training topics: “only scheduled” was not working properly and rather like random.
  • Training topic: statistic for recalls is not updating the number of remaining tabiyas
  • Training: sometimes an error message was shown saying that an object was not set.
  • Run games against repertoire: archive function does not work anymore
  • Bringing back DGT support
  • Items for next minor update
  • Drawing arrows, circles etc. allowing an even better training experience
  • Defining a timer for training a topic / opening. If the correct move is not made before time runs out it is treated like a wrong move.
  • New reporting component (50% already done) offering a really great way to create your own books as PDF or MS Word. More to come on this one.
  • Training: new training wizard
  • Training: allowing to select more than one opening for most training options (e.g. training the complete white folder with the selection “only new positions”)
Item for next major release
  • Re-inventing the training module
  • Great new feature for anybody, who has no repertoire yet or wants to extend his repertoire
  • Mobile versions
The next two minor updates are free for any CPT 5 license owner (or CPT 4 -> 5 upgraders) whenever I will release theses updates no matter when you purchased your license. If you have a subscription no charges will be made (as in the past). This will be either further delayed or just cancelled by myself. You don’t have to worry about this.

I want to conclude by thanking you for your patience, understanding and appreciation for the software I’ve created in the past although I more than once didn’t give you an easy time. It is one of the best experiences in my life and I’m absolutely positive optimistic that the story will continue again as it happened in the past. I’m not done yet.
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Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview 2 years 5 months ago #227

Great to hear from you Stefan and I'm glad you are spending time with your new family. Look after herself and the little fellow and the CPT will look after itself! ;)
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Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview 2 years 5 months ago #229

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I'm hoping for a complete Modern UI by the time Windows 10 releases and the availability to buy/get it from the windows store app.

Thank You!
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Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview 2 years 5 months ago #230

@Stefan: Good to hear that progress is being made and a beta update soon available : I'm looking forward to it.

Just wanted to check that this fix" Training: Recall statistic was not updated for “Recall all”. " covers the below ticket about recall issue that I reported(Ticket IDDT-JBYN-ZFUI ).

" When I use the " All Scheduled" option for training the schedule, I no longer see the recall info on the recall tab. This is the info about number of positions recall, missed etc... "

Equally, I see some fixes regarding Layouts. Will these also apply in general ? For example, about 30-40 % of the times I start CPT, it begins in an unworkable display ( ie long and thin ) and I have to click the maximise button to get a workable GUI.
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Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview 2 years 5 months ago #238

Yes, this is fixed. By now I also fixed the other training issues like the "index out of range" error. Right now checking if I can also implement the highly requested feature to train complete folders or repertoire before I will finally release a new version.
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Chess Position Trainer status-quo and next update overview 2 years 5 months ago #240

Many thanks for the confirmation.

Looking forward to this release a lot.
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