Your whole Chess Repertoire clearly arranged

Repertoire ExplorerHow do you work on your opening repertoire today? Many chess players don’t use specialized chess software to manage their openings. Instead they use classical game databases. When game databases were original conceived the creators probably didn’t have in mind opening repertoires. This leads to a workaround by creating pseudo games with variations which is neither intuitive nor efficient, but common practice.

CPT works very different as it was created with opening repertoires in mind from the beginning. Instead of storing games it stores positions and candidate moves for each position regardless of any concrete game (you can compare it best to editable opening books of game databases). This helps you to spot transpositions from one opening to another one automatically. Then it offers you a way to structure your opening in logical (sub-)sections by using folders, openings and (sub-)variations as repertoire elements. By introducing this new layer you will quickly realize how much more intuitive and easier it is to manage your opening repertoire.