Repertoire Knowledge

How good do you know your Repertoire?

Do you really know all variations of your repertoire and openings perfectly? The deepest side-line? Do you find the correct moves even under time pressure?

It’s difficult to answer these questions without using Chess Position Trainer, but by using it you will get this information automatically.

Go to your next match with self-confidence

Chess Position Trainer shows you for each opening with a single percentage number exactly how well you know it already. This number is based on the average training value of all positions of the opening. Every position is either considered learned or not learned / forgotten. Because all positions are considered, even the deepest side-line, you can be absolutely self-confident when you go to your next match.


Train your repertoire to systematical improve your knowledge

The training statistic for each position and thus your repertoire knowledge depend on the direct use of the trainng module of Chess Position Trainer. Train your repertoire efficient. By using the time proven flash-card concept in the training module you are systematically training all variations of your repertoire and master them faster than ever before!

What makes Chess Position Trainer special?

This chess opening software will change the way how you create, manage and study your chess opening repertoire.

It will become a major time saver for your daily work and make it even fun to train your chess openings. Even if you have never before created your own repertoire this chess software will make it a piece of cake and there are good chances that you'll even become addictive to it! You don't believe us? Try it yourself for free!

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"I have been recommending Chess Position Trainer to students for several years now as part of a multi-pronged approach to learning openings. [...]"

GM Nigel Davies